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Author: Tractor Tech

The 10 Best Gooseneck Trailers for the Farm

Whether or not you have a large-scale agricultural operation, investing in a top-notch gooseneck trailer is a smart move. A gooseneck trailer will streamline your deliveries, help with hauling equipment, and make livestock transport so much easier. If you’re a small-time farmer, having a reliable farm truck and gooseneck trailer combo will help you expand your farming business faster. Now, we do understand that the overwhelming plethora of models from different trailer companies can make trailer shopping quite a challenge. How, then, do you decide which specific trailer to get? What are the things that you have to look...

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Powermate PFTT140 Tiller Review

For basic maintenance tasks across patches of land of any size, the PFTT140BE front tine tiller from Powermate is a promising tiller that has both versatility and reliability in the package. It’s quite simple to use, yet this relatively-affordable tiller surprisingly comes with various features. The PFTT140BE sports a cool-running but adequate OHV 139cc four-stroke engine. This produces enough power for both general maintenance jobs and tough conditions. Granted, cutting new ground might require multiple passes. The OHV engine comes with a pull-start mechanism. You can also expect good fuel efficiency, low-noise operation, and reduced emissions from it. The...

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6 Places Where You Can Find Farm Grants

Many small and beginning farmers are faced with financial limitations that serve as a detriment to either farm expansion or a brand new venture. If you’re one of them, you’re probably longing to launch a new project, buy new equipment, or develop a new section of your farm, but are limited by a lack of funding. Luckily, there are various bodies that give out financial help to farmers who are facing this situation. Knowing where to find farm grants can help you secure that much-needed funding. Curious yet? Read on! 1. is a government-run website that aims...

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9-Step Tractor Checkup for Spring: Tractor Maintenance Guide

Spring is coming, and your tractor is bound to get some action after months of inactivity. But before you get your machine up and running, here are nine steps to a tractor checkup for the new season. 1. Start with a visual inspection Before delving deeper, check for obvious signs that your tractor might need special attention. This will help you identify urgent points of concern early on in the tractor checkup. 2. Tires Check the tractor’s tires to make sure they’re at the right pressure. Add air if needed, but make sure not to go overboard. Check for...

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4 Reasons to Buy A Drone for the Farm Now

Drones are definitely gaining a lot of traction in the world of farming. In fact, according to Global Market Insights, the total market size for agricultural drones will surpass US$1 billion by 2024. This isn’t really shocking given the various benefits of having a drone on your farm. You might be thinking, “Why should farmers buy a drone? Will it really help?” But more than its many uses in agriculture, here are the top reasons why farmers should buy a drone ASAP. UAVs are more accessible than ever. Back when drones were just starting to carve out a presence...

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