Many small and beginning farmers are faced with financial limitations that serve as a detriment to either farm expansion or a brand new venture. If you’re one of them, you’re probably longing to launch a new project, buy new equipment, or develop a new section of your farm, but are limited by a lack of funding. Luckily, there are various bodies that give out financial help to farmers who are facing this situation. Knowing where to find farm grants can help you secure that much-needed funding.

Curious yet? Read on!

1. is a government-run website that aims to help people look for grants. Various entities, including the USDA, have their agricultural grants listed on the site.

To get leads, you have to sign up for their newsletter. The newsletter will also give you information about each grant’s details and specific goals.

2. Google Alerts

As a relatively new way to get notified about the things you care about on the internet, you can use Google Alerts to receive emails about phrases or keywords that you’re interested in. You can also customize the frequency and specifications of the alerts you’re receiving. Above all, we like how easy is it to sign up for the service, too!

3. Your local extension agent

Of course, you can’t forget about your local cooperative extension agency. This method is great because it’s pretty accessible (every county has one) and is free. First, check with your county’s extension agent to find grants and loans that are suitable for your plans and objectives. After that, you can ask for the specific requirements and documents needed to apply for the grant.

4. Farm Aid

If you didn’t already know, Farm Aid is a nonprofit whose mission is to keep family farmers on the land. They’ve raised more than $53 million for their advocacy, which is to promote a family farm system of agriculture. What’s more, its 1-800-FARM-AID hotline provides support services to farm families in crisis.

That said, you can check out their website and their online Farmer Resource Network to find information about loans, grants, and much more.


Aside from their helpful agriculture learning center and professional development program, SARE (Sustainable Agriculture Research & Education) also offers various producer grants for farmers, ranchers, and farmer organizations. SARE’s producer grants are great if the project you’re planning involves testing on-farm ideas that are meant to solve existing problems faced by farmers.


ATTRA, a sustainable agriculture program that’s managed by the National Center for Appropriate Technology (NCAT), offers funding opportunities to farmers, market gardeners, ranchers, farm organizations, and other entities involved in agriculture. Aside from checking their funding page, you can also contact them to learn more about their grants.